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Meet Mike, your Raise The Brush Coach, owner of Emerald Coast Painters and group founder of Painting Contractors Facebook Group

Mike has been a painter all his adult life. He first got his brush wet at a summer job in Coventry Ohio painting school classrooms when he was 16. He then worked full-time for an uncle, where he learned the trade from “Old School Painters”.

He considers himself a second-generation painting contractor and started his business in 2005 at the age of 24 when his uncle retired from the industry.

Mike operated a painting contracting company in Ohio from 2005 until 2016 when he decided to move his family to the Emerald Coast of Florida and open Emerald Coast Painters. He now resides in Navarre Beach Florida and operates Raise the Brush, Emerald Coast Painters, and is actively involved in the Facebook group.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids out in the sun and at the beautiful beaches. He is actively involved in travel baseball with his son, and has a passion for making the painting industry better each and every day!

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Our Featured Coaching Services

I am going to help you “Raise The Brush” with your professional approach to painting contracting.


How to market yourself
How to market your brand
How to market your services
How to lead generate


30minutes of video/phone Time


How to make the sale
How to make future sales
How to make upsells
How to make repeat sales


30minutes of video/phone Time


Managing Clients
Managing Painters
Managing Jobs
Managing Schedules


30minutes of video/phone Time

How to Price a Job

Accurately price a job


30minutes of video/phone Time

Systems & Automation

How to use systems
How to automate your business
How to use Social Media platforms


30minutes of video/phone Time

Gain New Skills

Get found on Google
Product Education
Relationship Building
Goal setting
Utilize your Paint Reps


30minutes of video/phone Time

Our Coaching Process


Get to Know Client

Welcome to Mentorship! Get started by introducing yourselves, then learn more about each other and why you’re both here.

Know Your Strengths and What’s Important to You and your business.


Agree on the Goal

Recognizing what you enjoy and what you’re good at is a great place to start when deciding how to move forward in your business.


Know the Plan

Stay focused! Review! Agree on how to work toward your goal. Talk about how things are going so far.

Discuss any recent progress (every little bit counts!) as well as any challenges you may have faced.


Look Ahead

Take a few moments to recognize how far you’ve come together.

If you’re still working together towards a specific goal, that’s something to be proud of.

With our knowledge we guarantee success

I am going to help you take control of your business & Raise The Brush!

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So where do things go from here? What do you need to hyper focus on now?

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In 2014 Mike created a Facebook Group call “Painting Contractors“. The primary goal was to bring painters from all around the world together to help each other and share ideas and information.

Mike started to see that a lot of painters needed help in various aspects of the industry. This is where the “Raise The Brush” concept was born. He realized he wanted to help other people “Raise the Brush” in the industry. He has put together a coaching program called Raise The Brush to help achieve more respect from the public in our industry.

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